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You’ve got the idea – We can help

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It starts with a conversation

Your idea is your own, and it stays that way. You come up with the concept and pitch it to us. The IP is always yours.

This isn’t like a movie pitch – We’re not going to tell you “no” based on a few seconds. We want this to be a collaborative process, so tell us all about your project start to finish with the form here, or in Discord directly. We’ll workshop it with you to make sure it’s as successful as possible. 

Write away!

Once you have your idea, you’re ready to get started – and we won’t stand in the way. Write as much as you want, and keep us in the loop!

Or, if you’re already ahead of the game and have the script ready, we can help edit, refine ideas and even do table reads with actors to make sure your script sounds great. 

Let's build it

With your direction and feedback, we’ll get started recording and building your soundscape. We can help with casting, create custom music, develop brand cover art, and then get started with audio engineering. 

Our team is experienced in every aspect of podcast production, and we’ll work with you to get it made, usually for free.

Publish & Promote

Once your podcast is complete, we’ll schedule the full season with an air date and start promotion. 

All podcasts are published onto our ASMOS podcast feed – one podcast per season. With an established audience, we’ll put your podcast in front of thousands of listeners instantly. 

Why do we do this? Check our FAQ below to learn more. 

Ready to get started?

Introduce yourself below. We can also use Discord or Email to start our collaboration.


The nitty-gritty

Who can apply?
The ASMOS program is open to any creative person, whether they want to be a writer, director, producer or even star in their own show. We help find actors, record the audio, develop soundscapes and even put the show together for them from start to finish. 
What if I don’t need your help?
That’s fine, too. Feel free to still apply to host your season on ASMOS. We still have a large audience and would love to include more seasons! No production from us just means we can help others who need it. 
Why do you use the same RSS feed?
The biggest problem with new fiction podcasts is discoverability. There are thousands of great podcasts, with more being produced daily. By helping to solve the discoverability issues for new creators, we can have a fruitful, mutually beneficial relationship and help turn those ideas into fully produced podcasts.
Is it really free? 
Yes. Instead of charging for the production, we find advertisers and develop fan-support capabilities for the sustainability of the podcast. Often times, the creators are putting forward very little of their own money, since we can cover production. 
Can I Make Money With This?
You absolutely can. All revenue is split based on how much the creator brings to the table. For example, if a creator can pay for casting costs (say $500), and we cover the rest, revenue would be split and the creator earns an agreed-upon percentage.
More questions? Let us know!

Our Team

The ASMOS team are experienced podcasters who want to listen to more audio dramas.