Season 1 of A Story Made of Sound is an adaptation of George Romero’s original film: Night of the Living Dead. The Night of the Living Dead podcast was adapted and produced by Vincent Dajani, with all new sound effects and updated audio quality to create a more immersive experience.

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Effects, as well as the base audio tracks, have been split into stereo sound that moves according to the action in the podcast. Additional narration and voiceover work was provided in areas where information was lost in this format. For example, Barbara’s character was giving more heavy breathing so she isn’t lost in the scenes, whereas in the film, she is silent.

George Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead is Public Domain, which was the inspiration for the production. All five episodes aired simultaneously on October 28th in celebration of Halloween.

Vincent Dajani headshotAbout Vincent Dajani:

Vince is an avid podcaster and audio drama enthusiast. Originally getting into the medium as a fan, it wasn’t long before he started creating his own scripted fiction podcasts. His other productions include How i Died, Y.A.P.I.D. and Life. Find more from Vince on the Audiohm Media website, or on Twitter.